Welcome to ASGART online!

ASGART finds segmental duplications between DNA fragments by looking for exactly matching sequences and grouping them together with the tolerance settings set by the user.

Launch a run

How to use it?

1. Get your input data

All you need to start is two FASTA files containing the sequences you wish to screen for duplications. Each file may contain one or multiple sequences.

Please note that due to the limited hardware of this server, the FASTA files cannot exceed 50MB. For larger files, please download the standalone version of ASGART here.

2. Launch the run

Click here to open the New run page. It will open a page in which you can upload your files and set up ASGART's parameters. You need to provide a valid email address to receive run's notifications.

You may tick the Reverse and/or Translate checkboxes if you want to respectively reverse and/or translate your second file.

3. Use the results

Once the run completed, you will receive an email notification containing the results in the JSON format specified here, as well as a link to a web interface to visualize the result of your run.